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Friday, 30 April 2010

limping to a conclusion

Cuthbert and Lindisfarne are taking me with them into a fresh world: full of ideas strange to consider - incorruptible bodies [Cuthbert's body had not decayed in 418 years, when his coffin was smashed open by Henry VIII's iconoclasts - and doubly remarkable, his joints were still flexible] the sheer terror of raiding Vikings - the accounts speak of their automatic cruelty: people drowned in the sea, killed in their churches, everything destroyed. The only things that survived the attacks on Lindisfarne were Cuthbert and his relics - but under repeated invasions they were taken on a 7 year journey, fearfully travelling away from danger all round northern England and south-west Scotland, before coming to Norham, Chester-le-Street, and eventually [with a detour to Ripon] to Durham.

Creating a word-pattern to go with this Dissertation on a website, I tried to print - no; save - no; download - no - it is a Java applet which permits my compute to create this wondrous pattern, but can save it nowhere except on that website. I am still exploring this!

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