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Friday, 30 April 2010

wordle image of MA Dissertation

limping to a conclusion

Cuthbert and Lindisfarne are taking me with them into a fresh world: full of ideas strange to consider - incorruptible bodies [Cuthbert's body had not decayed in 418 years, when his coffin was smashed open by Henry VIII's iconoclasts - and doubly remarkable, his joints were still flexible] the sheer terror of raiding Vikings - the accounts speak of their automatic cruelty: people drowned in the sea, killed in their churches, everything destroyed. The only things that survived the attacks on Lindisfarne were Cuthbert and his relics - but under repeated invasions they were taken on a 7 year journey, fearfully travelling away from danger all round northern England and south-west Scotland, before coming to Norham, Chester-le-Street, and eventually [with a detour to Ripon] to Durham.

Creating a word-pattern to go with this Dissertation on a website, I tried to print - no; save - no; download - no - it is a Java applet which permits my compute to create this wondrous pattern, but can save it nowhere except on that website. I am still exploring this!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Election fever

Somewhere the whole democracy process has skewed into a Presidential election. It is a tragic result of 13 years of Labour that, having lost almost everything that our fathers/grandfathers fought for in two terrible wars, we are now finally losing our real democratic freedoms.

The possibility of a hung parliament hovers like the recent cloud of ash, restricting all movement. A vote for x intended as a protest, might result in electing y - and how representative is that going to be?

It is extraordinary that despite the fact 'everyone' wants Labour out, and an end to their profligate squandering of every penny we might have in the future, let alone the current account, we still do not have a clear majority in favour of the Opposition. Why are the conservatives playing such a limp hand? No condemnation of Labour's disastrous policies! No criticism of their failed systms! No listing of their unimaginable expenditure! silence, like a well-mannered guest in an unfamiliar house. Yet David Cameron can shout loudly at PMQ, so why not focus the criticism, and refine his targets - HAVE some targets! How desperately the Tories long to stamp on his toes, and make him fire a few well-aimed missiles into the Labour camp.

It is all being given away. and we must fear that the conservatives will not get the majority they need, in order to rule effectively. They could form such a brilliant government - if only they were hungry enough to win it.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monday, 26 April 2010

Last Post

A good friend, blogging as http://broadmeadandtheworld.blogspot.com has posted his last comments: a wonderfully happy account of a trip to NZ and Australia. and now an email from a mutual friend says that JB has been found dead at his home.

Erudite, courteous, with a wry and fairly wicked sense of humour - ideal companion for so many possible endeavours - his return was the signal for a new lunch-plan, and all the news. We were looking forward to seeing him.

His ability to find life enjoyable, to remain alert to all possibilities, and continue to enjoy the company of others - and they, his - has a remarkable effect on his society. Coming alive in the light of his sharply interested eyes, no slow stories, or idle chatter. What a treat!

We shall miss him.
and here is the link to the picture he so admires: "The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon" by Sir Edward John Poynter Bt PRA RWS (1839-1919). 1890. Oil on canvas, 234.5 x 350.5 cm. Signed and dated lower right "18EJP90" in monogram. Purchased 1892 (898). The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.