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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Scribble, scribble, scribble...

... and the first Chapter went in at 1.15 am. Now it has been reviewed, and my literary allusions cropped by requests for explanations, simplicity. As this is an MA Dissertation, I imagine the reader, or "Reader" [marker] to be academic, well-read, and looking for evidence of imaginative understanding of texts - ie that I am making connections and drawing out possible connections. It appears I must make no such assumptions: the marker should have some knowledge of this subject, but the second marker may have none whatever. How odd.

Probably the answer is to write something I feel I might be satisfied, even pleased, with - and trust that it will be read attentively, and without excessive pedantry. No academic endeavour can be complete in itself, always raising more questions, more avenues to explore - the trick is to know which avenues to leave for another time. But an entire 20,000 words written with copious explanations of simple concepts would be stultifying: and would omit all the interesting elements!

On with the motley!

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